Recess… for Adults!

Monkeyshine’s mission is to give adults a chance to laugh, play, and experience the pure, unadulterated joy of being a kid again.  In this way, we hope to brighten your day and to bring out the very best in you.

Would you like to have more fun in 2014?  Come out and play with us every Tuesday from 10:30 to 11:30 am at the Bellevue Family Y!  Recess for Adults is a fun and supportive class inspired by the playground games of our youth — but tailored to those over the age of 40.  This moderate intensity class does NOT require any special athletic skills or a high fitness level.  If you can throw a ball badly, walk briskly for a few minutes, and are interested in laughing and making a few new friends, please come out and play with us!!

If you can’t make it, you can still play!  For this week’s game, you will need a beach ball, some chalk or masking tape, and four or more friends.

Game of the week:

Four Square Volleyball

Setup:  Mark a large (16 feet by 16 feet or so) square on the ground.  Masking tape works great indoors (you will need a room with a high ceiling, though); chalk is even easier if you are outdoors.  Now divide that square  into four equal squares, each about 8 feet by 8 feet.  You can see an image as well as complete rules for regular four square on the Square Four website.  This is your court.  Number the squares one through four and have one person stand in each square.  All other players line up near square one.  This is your reserve line.

Play:  The server hits the beach ball up into any other square.  The person in that square must hit it up into another square.  Play continues in this way until 1) someone hits the ball out, 2) someone lets the ball drop in their square, or 3) someone hits a downward hit.  The person who made the mistake is out, and the other players on the court move up to fill in the higher numbered spots.  For example, if the player in square three hits the ball out, she goes to the end of the reserve line.  This leaves square three open, so the player in square two moves up to square three, the player in square one moves up to square two, and the person at the front of the reserve line moves into square one.  The person in square four remains there and serves again.

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Recess… for Adults!

  1. Darn… I wish I could join your class… but I babysit my 8 month old granddaughter on Wednesdays… i could make it at 5pm… but 4pm is a little too early…

    take care… see you around…


    • That is a bummer, Therese! But this is only my first try, so maybe in the future we will have a class on another day or at another time. You take care, too, and I hope your training is going well!

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