Really to play, a man must play like a child.

-Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens

Hi, and welcome! My name is Kerri and my mission is to cultivate joy in ordinary, everyday life. This website is dedicated to the kind of fun most of us remember from our childhoods, but don’t get enough of now: “playing like a kid.”

If you ever miss doing “kid stuff,” you’re not alone. I do too. One report suggests that 78% of American adults sometimes miss being able to “play like a child with no rules, boundaries, and restrictions” and 82% wish they could recapture some of the “imagination, fun, and creativity of childhood” (JWT Intelligence, 2012). If this report is accurate, more than 240 million American adults sometimes miss being able to play like a kid. 240 million!! But my experience is that there are few opportunities for adults to engage in “childlike” play, perhaps because there is a stigma against it. Consider this recent quote from Garry Chick, Professor Emeritus at Penn State, in an article about adults playing classic childhood games like kickball:

The cultural rules of the not actually too distant past were that these kinds of playful activities were not something that adults did, because adults don’t behave that way.

I’m here to represent the adults who miss playing like a kid and who want to reclaim the imagination, fun, and creativity of childhood. I hope to reduce the stigma around play and create more opportunities to play like we did when we were kids. If you would like more opportunities to play like a kid, please join me!