Trophy of Play

Recently the Adult Recess class at the Bellevue Family Y presented me with an award, the Trophy of Play.  This was, however, no ordinary trophy.  I’ll let Gary, the creative force behind the Trophy, explain:

I am privileged to be at this luncheon to honor Kerri for the approximately five years of creative, active and humorous activity that she has generated weekly in Adult Recess class at the Bellevue YMCA.

Years ago, I recall that an objective of physical education class was to acquaint students with activities that would engage them to be physically active over their lifetimes.  Among the many creative activities that have come from Adult Recess Class, group juggling is one activity that has been a real gift.  Throwing balls and other various objects in a fixed pattern is physically and mentally challenging, and fun.

I have shared this activity with a wide range of people.  One notable time was the small wedding for my son at a remote site in South Carolina.  The younger people had gone off to a Halloween party and the mature adults remained behind.  For many of these people, Polish was their primary language.  After some limited conversation in English, I thought of group juggling.  But at this evening hour there were no balls available.  In rummaging around the rental house, I came across a new supply of wrapped toilet paper.  Voila!  Let’s replace the balls with toilet paper!  After clearing the fragile items out of the main room, we made a circle near the walls.  I carefully explained how to do group juggling, and we started.  But they did not get it!  We tried again and still it did not work.  About ready to give up, we tried once more, and the toilet paper rolls soon were flying, along with laughter and smiles.  And as distorted as the rolls appeared after juggling, they did not unravel, and all of us players had built lasting connections.

In recognition of the time energy and thought that has gone into Adult Recess Class over the years, we would like to award Kerri this specially inscribed roll of TP — Trophy of Play.  A second roll is in appreciation for encouraging support from Christina.

We wish you both continuing love and play!

Thank you to everyone who has ever come out to play with us.  It goes without saying that I will truly miss playing with my friends at the Bellevue Y!

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