Make-your-own hula hoop workshops and recess breaks are great for birthdays and corporate retreats!

Make-your-own hula hoop workshop

Guess what?  Hula hooping is not just for kids!  With the right hoop and a few simple tips, most adults are successfully hooping before the workshop is over.  And the fun continues long after the workshop is over, because each participant takes home her own customized hula hoop.  This workshop includes:

  • All tools, materials, and guidance necessary to make your very own adult-sized hula hoop
  • A hooping lesson suitable for beginners of all ages – including those who have never, ever been able to hula hoop
  • A variety of hula hoops to try out so that you can decide what size and weight you like before you make your own

About your fearless instructor:  Kerri learned to hula hoop in her late 30s and started making hoops after she read that bigger hoops are easier for grown-ups to use.  (Yes, it is true!)  She has been leading hula hoop workshops for the Y and Team Survivor Northwest since 2010.  She has helped many adults successfully hula hoop for the first time ever.

Cost:  $300 for up to ten participants

Contact Kerri with questions or to schedule a workshop.

Recess Breaks

Do you miss the laughter, fun, and freedom of being a kid?  A Recess Break might just make you feel like you are seven again!  A variety of active games (inspired by the playground games of our youth but modified to accommodate real adult bodies) bring back the pure joy of being a kid.

Contact Kerri with questions or to schedule a class.

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